Welcome! This is my little corner of the internet for sharing ideas on living a more conscious life. I’m a 25-year-old second grade teacher, obsessed with useful “life hacks” that help save the environment and save money.

When I got my first apartment and my first teaching salary, all I could afford was to sleep in a reconfigured living room with a makeshift wall. The local recycling plant was a tractor trailer divided into sections, only open in the summer and on Sundays. I discovered the farmer’s market–likely, the produce cost less than the price of gas to get to the market–and I attempted to keep a kitchen compost, which led to lots of smells and ants. I had no choice but to create waste, but I certainly learned to make-do with what I already owned.

Now, with a second apartment in a nicer town with a top-of-the-line recycling facility and door-to-door compost service, I can live a less wasteful life at the same price point. Being eco-friendly and frugal are not mutually exclusive!

I’d love to hear your stories–join me on my journey to make a little difference.